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“Ann and Bill in Copenhagen” Campaign – Episode 4

October 18th, 2010 ewerk

“Ann and Bill in Copenhagen” Campaign – Episode 3

October 18th, 2010 ewerk

“Ann and Bill in Copenhagen” Campaign – Episode 2

October 18th, 2010 ewerk

“Ann & Bill in Copenhagen” Campaign – Episode 1

October 18th, 2010 ewerk

“Ann and Bill in Copenhagen” Social Media Campaign

October 18th, 2010 ewerk


VerticPortals created a social media campaign for VisitDenmark on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to drive Americans between the target age group of 40-60 to visit Denmark. In 4 YouTube episodes a viewer is taken through the storyline of a virtual American couple in their 40s named Ann and Bill who are deciding on their travel plans and ultimately choose to visit Denmark because it’s considered the “happiest place on earth.” The viral element is a contest through a Facebook application whereby viewers who click on the application are automatically entered to win a free trip for 2 to Copenhagen for 3 nights. “Ann and Bill” also post and tweet about their entire travel experience in Copenhagen including their throughts prior to traveling and their fond memories throughout when they arrive back in the U.S.

Here are the links for all three social media platforms to view the campaign:

YouTube –
Episode #1 –
Episode #2 –
Episode #3 –
Episode #4 –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Happy viewing!

Welcome to Solution City

August 23rd, 2010 ewerk

solution_city6Solution City is a virtual showcase of Microsoft partners. The site @ will be marketed by Microsoft as a destination for companies searching for solutions to sustaining and growing their business. Companies across multiple sectors are represented, creating an environment in which they can see real business solutions in a virtual world.

The site has received a site of the day award from Design Licks.

Kodak Pulse Brings Photos to Life

July 19th, 2010 ewerk


The KODAK PULSE site @ was developed to generate buzz around the KODAK PULSE Digital Frame which KODAK launched last December. KODAK retained VerticPortals to create awareness for the KODAK PULSE product using the power of FACEBOOK CONNECT. The objective was to promote the product, engage the consumer and ultimately drive people to purchase the product.

The VP site allows users to personalize a photostream in a virtual version of the digital frame with pictures from their Facebook account while simultaneously posting the KODAK PULSE frame to their Wall and creating a photo album in Facebook that notifies any tagged friends which appear in the album. The Facebook Connect function on the VP KODAK PULSE site is implemented to create a viral effect and generate buzz around the product.

The KODAK PULSE digital WI-FI frame allows you to upload photos from various platforms including your computer, phone, Facebook page, email and Kodakgallery account once you set up your unique login code. The PULSE automatically alerts you when you get new pictures from friends and family.

The site won “site of the day” on Design Licks (July 27th) and made the FWA public shortlist (July 27th). Top countries where the site has been viewed include China, India, France and Korea. We believe the site will continue to garner widespread attention.

Sebastian Presents AXE Case at L2 Gen-Y Forum

June 8th, 2010 crodgaard

CEO Sebastian Jespersen presented an entertaining AXE case study during the Luxury Lab (L2) GenY Forum last month. L2′s Generation Next Forum featured a series of presentations and demos on how to reach the young affluent consumer.

Time to celebrate two 2009 Davey Awards

November 10th, 2009 crodgaard


We have just won two silver Davey Awards! This award is by the same company that does the Golden Globes and is eligible for companies with an annual turnover of less than $25 M.

Bob Dylan promotion
Category: Game or Application
Promotional site for Bob Dylan’s latest CD

VisitDenmark board game
Category: Special Interest
Fun game site which promotes tourism in Denmark

About The Davey Awards

The Davey Awards honors the “Davids” of creativity, the smaller agencies, companies, or organizations with annual billings or revenues below certain levels. Each year, The Davey Awards honors winners who derive their strength from big ideas, rather than big budgets. The Davey Awards is judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, an invitation-only organization consisting of top-tier media, advertising, and marketing professionals from the world’s leading organizations and firms.

The Davey Awards is judged and overseen by the International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA), a 200+ member organization of leading professionals from various disciplines of the visual arts dedicated to embracing progress and the evolving nature of traditional and interactive media. Current IAVA membership represents a “Who’s Who” of acclaimed media, advertising, and marketing firms including: Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Yahoo!, Estee Lauder, Wired, Insight Interactive, The Webby Awards, Bath & Body Works, Brandweek, Polo Ralph Lauren, ADWEEK, Alloy, Coach, iNDELIBLE, MTV, Victoria’s Secret, HBO, The Ellen Degeneres Show,, and many others.

Identity portability war heats up

November 4th, 2009 crodgaard

google connect vs facebook connect

Only a couple of days after my post about the need for better portability of your social identity, Google has launched new features to its ‘Friend Connect’ solution. This looks like a clear move to counter the success of Facebook Connect, which is the current leader when it comes to easy integration and actual number of sites using the feature. This does not mean they are the definitive or the best solutions – just that both companies have a very larger user base that they can activate, which at the moment is the only measure of success.

The advantage for companies and their websites is that these services can make a site more social and engaging, and facilitates visitors interacting with each other. A site can piggyback on the technology from Friends Connect and enhance the social aspect of the site. The information gathered about the visitors can then be used to better target marketing solutions and shape the content of campaigns to match the interest of the site visitors.

The services from Google and Facebook are very similar but the two differ in who you can share with. Facebook only shares information between your friends but Google gives the opportunity to be social with whoever may have a similar interest. Both have their advantages and I think they will appeal to two different user types. I still think though that both are too centered on their own services and not open enough to become a winning standard. This should, nevertheless in the short term, not de-value the opportunities there are to take advantage from theses two services.

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