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Nycomed thinks COPDifferently

April 13th, 2010 crodgaard


Nycomed has a new oral product coming to market to treat Chronic Obtrusive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD). In order to position this novel therapy as a top of mind option for GPs and Specialists, Nycomed firstly had to encourage HCPs to look at COPD as a respiratory disease very different to alternative conditions, such as, Asthma. Nycomed has a commitment to providing best of breed online educational resources for its audience to accompany its ongoing diligence and creativity in bringing innovative respiratory and other disease area products to market. Discover the site.

Luxury Golf Cart

December 10th, 2009 crodgaard

garia luxury golf cart

We have just launched a site for a new innovative company in the golf cart business. It the first golf cart build as a real car but most importantly I think it looks really good. Garia wanted to have a site that featured both all the innovative features of the cart but also showed the customer what a beautiful car it is. On top of that the site also have a product configuration where customers can choose from a long list of customization options and build their own car just like you know it from regular car manufacturers. The sites has already created a lot of buzz in the industry and Garia is already getting orders from all over the world.

Rock and roll social media

November 25th, 2009 crodgaard

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected sources and this time it’s all about rock and roll. Above the post I have embedded a short presentation from the rock band Chester French. What I really like is that they have taken all of their social media contacts and moved them to their own database so they can retain the fan relationship no matter what platform the fan likes to use. At the same time, if a platform is no longer relevant, as has become for example Myspace, the band will not lose the contact as the fan stops using Myspace. By owning their fans they get full freedom to contact them any way they like. Chester French have used which has given them a powerful CRM tool to manage all contacts.

Any company should take this lesson to heart, especially in the rapidly changing social media landscape where customer contact gets spread out to different contact points in the company and via different technologies (also see my post on Social Relationship Management). This is good news for the CRM vendors as they will not lose their relevance. They will just have to update their services to enable more easy integration and match the needs of those in Social Relationship Management, which is already happening to some degree.

Linkedin open for more integration

November 24th, 2009 crodgaard


One of our favorite B2B tools, LinkedIn, has begun to open up its site for integration with more services. This is important for users and will make the service even better. It also enables companies to take advantage of LinkedIn’s 52 million user-base.

The main feature is very similar to Facebook Connect, which means the users can use their LinkedIn login and user information on third party sites. The site can then use your LinkedIn profile details and also post information back to your profile. This is really good news for online B2B applications as it will make it easy for the user to connect to your applications, they can better see who else uses the application, and potentially connect with other users. This is a crucial factor for sites and applications, as sites that push information to a visitor just cannot compete with sites that engage the visitor in a personal way.

Outlook 2010 will also see its first integration with LinkedIn. You will be able to see updates and new connections from your network in Office, as the information becomes accessible when you receive an email from a LinkedIn contact. Also, each email to a LinkedIn contact will integrate his or her profile and you will be to email LinkedIn profiles directly from Outlook.

This is just another sign how social media is integrated everywhere and there are even more developments coming from Linkedin so stay tuned for future updates.

Banner ads still has a future

November 16th, 2009 crodgaard

The ads for Apple always inspire me and engage me (even though I have never bought an Apple computer). However my point is that there is still hope for banner ads if advertisers and media outlets will allow themselves to be creative just as the above ad on Besides creativity I still think the market needs adjustment in the cost structure from payment per impression to payment per click. The nature of the banner ads has from the beginning been to archive clicks and this should be the focus. You want the customers on your site, you want to engage them and you want the real time feed back . I predict the successful vendors will offer PPC banner ads and the rest will see more and more decline in revenue.

Don’t let social media dominate

November 5th, 2009 crodgaard

lead nurturing

As much as I am fascinated by social media I always remind myself once in a while that it’s not the end it all solution. I have attached a overview illustration from B2B Lead Generation Blog with the focus on lead generation for complex sales processes.

Besides highlighting many other contact forms besides social media the overview illustrate the large amount of options available to sales and marketing. Actually the biggest issue is not loosing focus its resource allocation i.e. finding out which initiatives to focus on and how much. Especially difficult when you are dealing with emerging technologies and communicating channels within social media. The solution for online activities is to hold them accountable just like all other initiatives and demand measurement of ROI.

Social media marketing is people power

October 22nd, 2009 crodgaard

ford fiesta

One of the really fascinating attributes of social media marketing is both scary and tempting at the same time, at least from a company’s perspective. You start putting power in the hands of your customers. It’s nothing new that consumers talk about products and review products on the Internet; what makes social marketing new from a company perspective is that the company starts engaging in the dialogue and starts using the dialogue as a integrated part of their marketing mix, with a very human angle. It’s a dialogue that will better engage, inform, persuade, listen and respond to the consumers. A really strong example of how this translates into real world marketing comes from Ford who have gone full force into social media marketing:

Linkedin using steroids?

October 15th, 2009 crodgaard


Well no proof of steroid use so far but the number one social network for business people proudly announced today that they now have 50 million registered users. As all the other social networks they did not disclose how many of them actively use their accounts which I am sure is not close to 50 million.

However I do think its another important milestone and Linkedin has actually seen higher growth numbers lately than previous high fliers Facebook and Twitter.

Why write about all this? Because Linkedin if used wisely is great business tool that can open up new ways of communication. New effective ways where vendors and customers can better engage in a dialogue just as one example.

Interactivity helps complex sales

October 15th, 2009 crodgaard

internet cold calling with Microsoft

The Internet is not able to completely replace a call to qualify a prospect; however, I will try to explain one overlooked feature online, which is how you can use the Internet as an integrated part of your sales process. My last post already has touched on this subject with the focus on email marketing through regular newsletters, which helps keep you company “top of mind”. This blog post will focus on dedicated sites and/or micro sites that work as a support tool for the sales team in complex B2B sales processes where clients have a large number of leads.

A normal product and service-centric website is not an ideal sales tool. It can be a great way for customers to find the basic information they are looking for but it’s a broad approach that can only help the sales process part of the way. What it can do is help sales over the first step of “independent valuation”. Independent valuation is a display of solutions and customer references that establish the first level of trust and interest for the customer.

The email newsletter is not dead

October 12th, 2009 crodgaard


Ways to communicate other than email have sprung up the last couple of years as we become habitually used to moving information from our regular inbox elsewhere. However, B2B email marketing is still a relevant tool.

Goggle Wave is trying to redefine how we communicate as an alternative to regular emails, Twitter gives instant updates, information is shared on forums, subjects are discussed in blog comments… the list goes on. There is no doubt the flow of communication is moving away from the inbox and for a good reason – the format of email can have several short comings. However don’t close down your email just yet as it is still the most used digital form of communication for B2B communication.

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