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Garia luxury golf car

April 13th, 2010 crodgaard


Garia is the manufacturer of the world’s first luxury golf car. To complement the release of a high-end product, Garia needed a best-in-class website. VerticPortals’ creation makes use of full-screen video to showcase the key features and there is also a design center for users to personalize their cart and share through social media. An easy-to-use, Google Map-based dealer locator provides potential customers with a visual understanding of where they can test the golf car. The site has been widely recognized by industry-leading publications in the web-design and digital industry, in particular winning the prestigious FWA site of the day.

Our design wins FWA award

January 27th, 2010 crodgaard


Our site for the Garia golf carts have won recognition from the FWA. We are happy that people outside the company also appreciates our design. Give the site a try and see what you think.

Unforgivable, Unerasable: Visual Language

December 15th, 2009 crodgaard

Hipsters and Hasid Jews were never enemies in Williamsburg nor anywhere in the world, until just recently, they started a battle over bike lanes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Both groups have lived in the same neighborhood over 15 years and they knew very well how not to step on each other’s shoe, which don’t share the same culture. A few weeks ago Hasid asked the city to remove the bike lanes from their neighborhood because they did not like to see young female bicyclist who dress shorts and skirts when they bike, which is against Hasid’s religious dress code. When the city removed the bike lane to respond to Hasid’s request, Hipsters didn’t speak. They simply drew!

More about it from Huffington Post.

Luxury Golf Cart

December 10th, 2009 crodgaard

garia luxury golf cart

We have just launched a site for a new innovative company in the golf cart business. It the first golf cart build as a real car but most importantly I think it looks really good. Garia wanted to have a site that featured both all the innovative features of the cart but also showed the customer what a beautiful car it is. On top of that the site also have a product configuration where customers can choose from a long list of customization options and build their own car just like you know it from regular car manufacturers. The sites has already created a lot of buzz in the industry and Garia is already getting orders from all over the world.

Less is more again

December 7th, 2009 crodgaard


One of the differences in web-design between Europe and the US has been simplicity. US sites have swayed more towards a “more is better” approach, versus Europe where you have seen more clean and simple designs. However, I have lately seen a trend in the US that leans more towards simpler sites. I think a great example is, which I have already mentioned, and it looks like the even simpler-designed Danish newspaper

Now the king of simple, Google, has even taken it a step further with their page, which automatically hides the top menu. Google has also recently conducted a user-study with the aim of finding out what features and services the typical YouTube user would like or can do without. Not too surprisingly, users basically prefer just to view video with as little on the screen as possible. One the other hand, a lot of people posting videos prefer more options, such as the ability to share videos and initiate dialogue with the viewers. In response to the research YouTube has launched YouTube Feather. I really like the new and simpler layout and it takes less away from the videos.

This really leads to my point and why I wrote the post: when designing websites remember that less can really mean more. Trying to do everything is simply not possible and your engagement can go down.

When the News gets a New Look

October 26th, 2009 csilva

Massive circulation drops at U.S. newspapers have recently been reported, with more and more people getting their news from sources online. Why are we no longer getting our fingers dirty? Here at VerticPortals, we’re online all the time, so we tend to get our daily news online.

A recent lunchtime poll around the office resulted in divergent opinions on the newly redesigned CNN seems be moving in a more customized news direction, with user profiles that allow you to follow trending topics. A long list of video headlines has been replaced by a single rotating video article. The new iReports feature is another a unique step for CNN, bringing user generated news to the discussion in what is the first of its kind for a major news outlet. The most popular articles section (my favorite in any newspaper) stays.

The redesign has brought the headlines down in size slightly, making it more difficult to see something that makes users want to read at first glance. People in a rush might find that a quick scan of the site isn’t that easy. The new look continues to reflect the popularity of video on the web, which many here aren’t so crazy about.

Overall, the office tends to think the CNN redesign will keep users on the site for longer amounts of time.

NY Times, you’ve got some catching up to do.

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